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About The Program

Introducing the transformative 12-week 1:1 program designed exclusively for women ready to take charge of their living space and their health. Step by step, we’ll navigate through every room in your home, ridding it of toxic-loaded items and introducing sustainable, safe, and low-tox alternatives. With expert guidance, educational resources, and a simplified approach, you’ll be empowered to reclaim control over your living environment. Say goodbye to overwhelm and fear, and embrace a journey that prioritizes your well-being and the well-being of your home. Together, let’s create a space where health and harmony thrive.


Is This For You?

If you’re a woman determined to transition to a low-tox lifestyle for a healthier home and personal well-being, but find yourself overwhelmed by where to start, I’m here to guide you. My program is designed to simplify this journey, providing you with step-by-step support, expert insights, and a community that understands your challenges.


What’s Included?

·Weekly 1 hour Zoom meetings
·12 weeks of step-by step educational material simplifying toxins and alternatives
·Recommended brands and/or swaps
·Simplifying the low-tox lifestyle and experience
·Deep dive into personal care products

Curious about transforming your living space into a low-tox haven?

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