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Effective and Clean Grocery Shopping (Free gift inside)

When I first started eating cleaner and going low-tox I felt so overwhelmed.

I always reference the one time I was up in the middle of the night throwing all of my food away, crying my eyes out. No, I’m not kidding – if you’ve listened to my podcast, you know all about it. The day prior I had an appointment that didn’t go as expected. When you think “hormonal imbalances” you never quite jump to infertility, at least I didn’t. I thought… okay, quick fix, pop me on some meds and we will be good to go. Turns out, its not that simple.

After that appointment I had a full blown breakdown. I was so angry at literally everything. I was angry my kitchen cabinets were full of cleaning products that deemed to be safe for me and they actually weren’t. I was mad that my “BPA free” plastic Tupperware containers were actually driving my Estrogen levels up. I was mad that my fridge was full of GMO foods that were altering my body instead of fueling it. Most of all, I was PISSED I wouldn’t be able to burn my Bath&Body works candles anymore.

Listen I used to be the girl that would heat my food up in the microwave in styrofoam and say “we’re all going to die right?” That changes when you’re 25 years old, feeling sick every day, and thinking about potentially not being able to start a family.

So I resulted in throwing away almost my entire fridge and pantry.
Every preservative
Every non-organic ingredient
Anything with plastic
Anything with GMO
and I cried the entire time.

& the next morning, I swore I would educate myself HEAVILY on how to navigate this new journey, and I would one day make it so simple that no other woman would sit in her kitchen at midnight having a mental breakdown about the things she was exposing herself and her family to.

because I was so overwhelmed, and I was so lost, and the internet had so much to say, and when I did one thing that someone said was right… another person said it was wrong. And when I found a good deal on something organic, someone somewhere would tell me that the organic label means nothing.. and yall, I DROVE MYSELF INSANE.

So here it is… Effective & Clean Grocery Shopping (& listen, we don’t have an all or nothing mindset here.. we are real humans with really complicated lives. So take what you will, find out what is MOST important to you, and leave the rest.)

1. Pick-up Ordering

Okay I will be the first to say it… this is NOT a flawless process… HOWEVER, if you have the ability to save me time and anxiety, well I call that a WIN.

I noticed when I first started this journey, I would spend hours at the store. Going through every single nutritional label and googling the ingredients (This was before the YUKA app was a thing, or at least before I knew about it) and it was so overwhelming… too many people, I didn’t understand all of the ingredients, it sucked.

This is when I started pick-up ordering my groceries. Listen, its free. You literally lay in the comfort of your own bed and scroll through the website, picking out what foods you want, looking through the labels, submit the order and BAM – someone picks it up, throws it into a bag, and drops it in your trunk. And if you’re super fancy, they will drop it off to your house lol.

But in reality. Doing online ordering allows me to look through the ingredients really fast and do some research in the comfort of my own home. Then I get to save the brands I love and trust so its super easy to order next time.

2. Shop where you can

I don’t know who came up with the rule that you can only shop at Whole Foods and Erewhon to have healthy groceries. Breaking the bank on food is one of the main reasons why people feel like they can’t live a healthy lifestyle. There is this huge misconception that healthy food is more expensive than processed junk. In some ways, yes, I understand… (especially in todays world) but also, a can of beans is definitely cheaper than a large fry at chick-fil-a, just saying. lol

I buy the majority of my groceries at Walmart. Before you cancel me, I already know someone on the internet told you that Walmart doesn’t sell healthy food because they are owned by so-and-so and… whatever. I don’t have the luxury of spending $400 on essentials, but I do have the luxury to go to Walmart and buy any organic item that I want, and I consider that a freedom. I try to invest higher quality on my meats and dairy, but sometimes Walmart needs to make the cut.

So here’s how I navigate the Walmarts, targets, and the more affordable shopping…
Meet the Dirty Dozen

Video on more information about 2023 Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen are the most highly sprayed crops of the year… so it’s simple, if they are on the list, I buy them organic.

3. Thrive Market

GAME CHANGER!!!! If there is ever a month where a Thrive Market box doesn’t make it to my front door… please make sure I’m okay.

So listen. I’ve had my Thrive Market account for maybe five months now and I’ve already saved over $200 averaging about $40 an order.

Let me give you the run down. Snacks are hard for some people, when you’re at the grocery store you end up throwing so much unnecessary junk into your cart just to get to moving. This takes time, this takes money, it also takes health. Thrive market is an online grocery where you can place an order and save a ton of money on your favorite health and wellness brands.. I’ll write a post on all of my favorite soon, but here are some of the things we get!
·Laundry Detergent
·Cleaning Supplies
·Olive Oils
·Frozen Foods

Some of my Thrive Market faves here

They have a wide selection of high quality foods/snacks with very simple ingredients at a discounted rate (like the stuff you never see go on sale at Target, Walmart, or Whole Foods) It saves me time, money, driving, and if you put it on autoship it will literally send you all of your restocks automatically (with even more of a discount!!)

Thrive Market Ensures:
100% Non-gmo
TRUE Certified zero waste warehouses
Every membership sponsors another family in need
Up to 30% off your organic groceries
Lowest prices with their price match program

Here’s the best part. Thrive Market waives the annual fee for Teachers, Nurses, First Responders!

Here’s 40% off your first Thrive Market Box!! Happy Shopping

So theres that. Three effective ways you can go shopping, stress free, save a little bit of money AND bring some healthier options into your home.

If I leave you with anything, please take away this:

This is NOT a race. It’s true when they say that slow and steady wins the race. & I’m here to support you through it all!!

XOXO, Sarah

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