Why Holistic Medicine?

I get asked all the time “how did you end up here, Sar?”

Truthfully? A lot of really unfortunately things happened at the same time and they aligned for the greater good.

Back in 2021 I was trekking through the worst of it with my health. It all started because I wasn’t feeling like “me.” How do you explain that to your doctors though? I was a little more tired than normal, a little less enthused with life, I felt “off” when it came to my hormones… but we were also living in a real life pandemic, and I was working some pretty rough shifts in the ER as a Nurse. I thought I was just run down.

So I got labs drawn and went on my way. But when my doctor had called me saying I need you to go get an MRI and Ultrasound asap, I was definitely a little concerned. I had already been on a health journey prior to this, I was lifting 4 times a week, moving my body more than I ever had before, and on a pretty strict macro split to help me put some muscle on. I wanted to be and feel strong when I was assisting patients at work, and well, when you’re only 5 feet tall… ya gotta start somewhere.

So back to the tests. My hormones were wrecked, showing extremely high Estrogen, nonexistent testosterone and progesterone, MRI showed a new tumor on my brain, and to top it off, I got COVID the same week. That week was pretty much the match that lit the flame to be honest. I spent around 20 days out of work because I could not bounce back from Covid, I had never felt so sick in my life. Finally when I could walk up a flight of stairs without stopping and could shower without passing out, I did what anyone else would do, and I went back to work.

and it sucked

and it never got better

I was in the middle of bouncing from one doctor to the next trying to figure out what we were going to do about my hormones, from one scan to the next, one specialist to the next, one blood draw to the next, and somewhere in the middle of it all.. I lost me.

I felt like I had the flu every single day, my joints ached, fevers would come out of nowhere. The list of foods I could tolerate got smaller and smaller every day until I was eating almost the same exact thing just praying it wouldn’t hurt my stomach. My heart rate would spike super high then drop super low. The fatigue was unbearable. I couldn’t hold a blood pressure high enough so I would start to pass out during normal things. I gained over 20 pounds. My memory was literally nonexistent (shout out to the my husband who would answer every single time I forgot the code to get into our neighborhood) I was living in actual hell. I had never felt so disconnected from the world, so disconnected from my body.

I made the decision to leave my job because I couldn’t keep up with the demand. It sucked, I felt like the biggest failure in the entire world. But I knew if I had any chance of figuring out what the heck was going on with my body, it would have to include not pushing it to its physical, mental, and emotional limits while working.

But once I left I started noticing things. The stories my patients would tell me, who were suffering with chronic conditions, doctor after doctor, no answers. Pill after pill, no relief. It started to click. I felt like I was covering up a problem for my patients, without addressing the root cause, and now I was apart of the same system. Waiting months to see a doctor to get brushed off in my maybe 10 minute appointment window.

“Go on birth control.”
“Here’s some medicine.”
“Workout more, eat less.”
“Heres a referral to another specialist.”
“Doesn’t it suck getting old?”

Somewhere along the way I decided that if no one else was going to help me, I would help myself. So I enrolled in a Holistic Nutritionist course, read every book I could, listened to every podcast out there.

I found my passion

All of these years I never knew there was a place for preventative medicine. Medicine that prevents you getting sick. Medicine that doesn’t just want you “normal” they want you OPTIMAL. Medicine that truly cares about you and how you’re feeling vs. what your labs say. Medicine that gets you a full hour appointment with your doctor to talk about nutrition, and lifestyle, movement, and mental health.

I was blown away – and I knew the world needed to know about it.

So I dug deeper and deeper, started practicing it, found a functional practitioner to work with, and started healing my body. It took me TWO YEARS of running around doctor to doctor, scan to scan, lab to lab with NO ANSWERS, just getting worse and worse. Before I fell into the holistic world and truly started to heal.

So thats how it happened. A lot of really unfortunate events led me to this crazy, giant, wild passion of mine. Even on my darkest days I clung to the fact that one day this journey would be the testimony that someone else needed to hear….

If you would have told me 3 years ago I’d be sitting down, writing a blog post, about to launch an entire website I built from the ground up, with three brand new programs I invested my heart in soul into, while also running a full social media account, working with loyal clean brands that I love, AND working 1:1 with some of the most amazing clients….

Well, I’d laugh in your face and clock into my 12 hour shift and continue to dream about that life.

XOXO, Sarah

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